Identity | Freedom | Power

Jesus never came to give us a religion to follow. He came to make us into living, breathing expressions of his grace and power. Its time for us to fully live our radical new life.

We've all seen enough of weak, warped, or powerless Christianity in our world. For most people, the original message given by Jesus has been turned into a pseudo-religion of human effort and self improvement that seems a lot like any other faith system. This has happened because of a flawed and false Gospel that distorts what is true.

It's time to get radically serious about what we really believe. The message that we can embrace through Jesus is one that dynamically changes our lives. It is a strong call to people to become solid in their identity as sons and daughters of God. It calls us to experience a profound personal freedom through His grace and it enables us to authentically live in the power and capacity of the Holy Spirit. 

Join us for our seven-part series as we teach through the New Testament book of Galatians and lay hold of these great truths.