Our purpose of Kids' Ministries is to serve our kids and families, revealing God’s truth to them and carrying out the ministry of Jesus Christ. By this we mean that all we do we do with the goal of introducing kids and families to Jesus and helping them grow in their relationship with Him. Our desire is that all kids would come to know Jesus in such a way that they would dedicate their lives in humble obedience to God!

Since the Bible places the responsibility of a child’s spiritual growth on the parents (Deut. 6.4-9) and establishes the father as the head of the household (Eph. 5.22-24), our desire is to not only teach our kids about God, but also to partner with and empower you — our families — as you disciple and raise up your children to be the godly men and women of tomorrow. To this end we are here to care for, disciple, and have fun with kids, but we're also here to inform, support, and equip parents to fulfill their roles as the spiritual leaders of their families. We are deeply passionate about this.

Because we have a wide age range of kids here at Airdrie Alliance, we have intentionally divided our Kids’ Ministries into five different environments so that we can engage our children at their level: Nursery (Newborn to Age 2), Toddlers (Age 2-3) Preschool/Kindergarten (Age 4 to Kindergarten), Elementary (Grade 1 to Grade 4), and Middle School (Grades 5 and 6).  


Nursery (Birth to Age 2)

In our Nursery environment, children are cared for in a clean, bright nursery by thoroughly screened and well trained volunteer staff. We maintain a high level of security to ensure a safe environment for all children.

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for parents to attend our worship gatherings as well as to nurture an awareness of God for the children who attend our nursery. Pending parents’ permission, we also provide a snack of Arrowroot cookies to our kids.

To ensure the safety of our kids, we follow specific safety ratios so that we can adequately care for, and meet the developmental needs of our babies and toddlers.

It’s here, in Nursery, that our kids will discover who God is.

Nursery runs September to June


Toddlers (Age 2 to 3)

This environment is our ministry to little ones age 2-3 where children are welcomed into class with a time of play. Circle time will follow with simple songs, Bible stories, and actions pointing our kids to who God is. An age appropriate activity/craft and snack will follow before it is time for pick-up.

Here we continue to encourage our children in their discovery of who God is.

Our Toddler class runs year round.


Preschool/Kindergarten (Age 4 to Kindergaten)

Our Preschool/Kindergarten environment is our discipleship program for kids ages 4-K. Our goal here is to build into our kids a foundation for their understanding of who God is and how that relates to who they are. A second goal for this age group is to equip our kids witht the tools to recognize why the Bible and Scripture reading is a vital part of the Christian life.

Our times together include engaging Bible stories, interactive games, worship, crafts, snack and play. The kids are led by interactive and caring volunteer staff who share in the passion of seeing little ones come to know Christ.

It is in our Preschool/Kindergarten environment that kids will begin to explore who God is.

Preschool/Kindergarten runs year round


Elementary (Grade 1 to Grade 4)

Our Elementary environment is a combination of a dynamic large group teaching, which includes worship and games, with interactive small groups. We believe this helps reveal the truth of God’s Word to our kids in a meaningful way. We also believe these different settings allow for our kids to engage God, His Word and one another on a deeper and more relational level.

Our desire here is to teach our kids how to LIVE LIKE JESUS, GROW TOGETHER, and SERVE HIS KINGDOM. We also regularly present opportunities for our kids to explore and participate in missions, the gifts and skills God has given each of us, and Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

No matter how engaging or Biblically sound our discipleship program is, the impact it has on our kids will be minimal unless Biblical teaching is also taking place at home.  To that end we are pleased to make HomeFront available to our families on a weekly and monthly basis.

HomeFront is a spiritual parenting resource providing opportunities for families to come together and experience storytelling, God’s Word, new family traditions, fun games, recipes, family blessings, prayer, and more.  Each week your child will come home with a “HomeFront” which will encourage you as the parent to intentionally spend time with your kids in God’s word, while familiarizing them with the upcoming week’s lesson.

It’s in our Elementary environment that will learn what it means to believe in our great and mighty God!

Elementary runs year round.

Middle School

Middle School (Grade 5 to Grade 6)

In our Middle School environment, we use a Bible-based curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of our kids who will soon be transitioning from Kids’ Ministries to Student Ministries. This environment is relationally driven and seeks to give Middle School students a space and place to be themselves, meet new friends, and learn to develop a thriving relationship with Jesus. In our Middle School environment, we address relevant topics such as faith, peer pressure, media, purity, mentoring, and character development.

In the small group setting of this environment our kids will have the opportunity to build even deeper relationships with God, their leaders and their peers.

It’s our desire in Middle School to see our kids begin to grow into the young men and women God has made, and desires them to be!

Middle School runs from September to June.


We want you to know that because we deeply love the people of our church, we go to great lengths to ensure the safety and security of each person who takes part in our Kids’ Ministries — kids, parents and volunteers alike.

  • Our church strictly follows a protection policy based on the “Plan to Protect” program. This ensures that our volunteers are screened, trained and prepared to keep your kids safe.
  • Registering your kids into our Kids’ Ministries not only provides greater convenience during sign in, but also provides our team with information that may be unique to your child (i.e. Contact restrictions, allergies or special needs).
  • Families are issued Identification Cards with numbers to ensure only authorized people are collecting your kids.
  • Parent Family Card Numbers will be displayed on sanctuary screens should your child need extra attention or a diaper change.
  • Electronic Sign In allows parents to choose from a variety of service options and special events while using the same Family Card and Number.

If you have a passion for kids and want to serve in AAC Kids, please contact:
Ashleigh Keizer, Director of Family & Kids' Ministries—

For a full list of serving roles at AAC, head to our Serving Opportunities page.