AAC Communities is all about being and making disciples of Jesus. Its primary vision is Releasing of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth in the various neighbourhoods and areas throughout our city. It's about empowering our people to live on mission together.

Communities are groups of people who intentionally gather together in and around the city for the purpose of eating, learning, serving, doing life, and living on mission as the people of God. They are the primary way we connect with one another and live out our faith.


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The Purpose of Communities

Communities are designed to fulfill three essential purposes:

  • To be places of authentic connection, community, and care
    In Communities, people are deeply known and loved by others, and are truly cared for as and by the family of God. They provide opportunities to eat together, pray together, grow together, raise families together, and find true connectedness. Our Communities are marked by hospitality, warmth, and inclusivity. They are environments where people can find authentic relationships and a sense of belonging.
  • To be places where we learn how to follow Jesus
    In Communities, people study God’s Word, ask questions, encourage and challenge one another, and seek to live out and experience the Kingdom life Jesus modeled for us in the Scriptures. Our Communities are marked by deep learning and life transformation, in the context of authenticity and transparency.
  • To be missional outposts for the Kingdom of Heaven
    Communities are spread throughout our city and region, organically meeting in homes, coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses. They are strategic bases from which God sends us out to change the world and impact those around us with the love and grace of Jesus. Our Communities are marked by a missional DNA. They are invitational and inclusive. They serve others and are on mission, wherever they are.
Look and Feel

When it comes to the look and feel of each Community (i.e. size, structure, and function) the possibilities are endless!

Due to the uniqueness of each group, we have Communities meeting all throughout the week, at different times and locations. Some Communities will be small, others large. Some will meet weekly, others monthly. Some will choose to meet in homes, others in lunchrooms, food courts, city parks, or coffee shops. While some will choose to study books of the Bible, others will engage in Soul Care or topical studies. Communities can consist of young parents, empty-nesters, or a specific gender, while others will be made up of a variety of backgrounds, professions, and life stages.

Our hope is that each Community will organically become what its collective members need it to be—as long as it fulfills the Vision and Purpose of AAC Communities, and falls within the overall vision and faith statement of AAC.

Launch Parties

One of the best places to begin is by attending an upcoming Launch Party!

At these gatherings, you will hear our vision, meet some of our Community leaders, get introduced to resources, and learn how you can join an existing Community, or start one of your own! Plus, there will be great snacks and beverages available for all, so you really can't go wrong!

The next Launch Party will take place on Wednesday, October 3. Click here for more information.


Why should I be a part of an Community?

AAC is a big church, and it’s easy to feel disconnected, unknown, and even lost. This is why we encourage everyone to join a Community! Communities are designed to be places where people can get plugged-in, form true and authentic relationships, and begin to feel like one of the family. They are also the primary way in which we connect spiritually and missionally with others, and live out our faith in Jesus.


How do I join/start a Community?

  1. One of the best places to begin is by attending an upcoming Launch Party. Launch Parties are held twice a year, in September and March.
  2. Express your interest by clicking here. Let us know what kind of a Community you are looking for, and we will do our best to help you connect with others.
  3. Lastly, if you to start a Community of your own: just do it! Grab a few friends or colleagues and begin meeting together. Be intentional. Eat together. Pray together. Study God's Word together. Get on mission together. And have fun! Then, let us know about your new Community so we can encourage you and provide you with resources.


What do we ask of our Communities?

While there is much freedom to how each Community will look and feel, we ask each will fulfill the following:

  • Establish a point leader and inform AAC of who it is—this is for the purpose of communication (us to you, you to us) and so we can periodically check in on each Community
  • Connect regularly—we recommend meeting together at least twice per month (but we know this may not be possible for all Communities)
  • Grow in Kingdom Life—study God’s Word, take in AAC conferences and seminars, challenge each other, live out your faith together
  • Do "real" life—eat, recreate, serve, hang out, learn, celebrate, pray together. “Real” life is part of Kingdom life!
  • Intentionally include others—be inclusive; invite others into your community, especially those who are not yet in the Kingdom
  • Engage in regular missional activity—serve/volunteer together

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