Monday, August 20–Friday, August 24
Grades 8–12 (This includes those who are entering into grade 8 this fall, all the way through to those who have just graduated grade 12 this spring)


Cost: $50/student ($60/student after Saturday, June 30)
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Please Note: In order to get the full experience of using the equipment on our stage, each student needs their own set of In-Ear Monitors (IEM). IEMs differ slightly from earbuds (ie: apple earbuds) in that they provide isolation from outside noise. For $10, we have quality IEMs for the aspiring musician. Unless you already own a set of IEMs (ie: Monoprice Noise Isolating Earphones, Shure SE215), please select the add-on during registration. Worship Camp T-shirts are also available for purchase at the time of registration for $15, but are not required.

Bring the Light

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” —John 1:5

Join us for an exciting week filled with God’s presence, music, and tech training! Engage in passionate worship, learn from skilled musicians and worship leaders, and gain experience playing in a worship band. If technology is your thing, this year we are offering training in our production booth. Learn how to run media, lights, sound, and help create an atmosphere for worship.

Worship Camp consists of four major components:

  • Worship sessions are an integral part of each day where you can encounter God’s presence.
  • Breakout sessions will include practical training for you and your instrument, time spent playing in a band, and space to build relationships with other musicians.
  • Main sessions teach a foundation of worship to equip you as a worshipper and daughter or son of God.
  • The worship night at the end of the week is an opportunity for you to put the skills you’ve learned into practice and lead your family and friends in worship.

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August 20 - 24