A Topical/Semester Community

Wednesdays  |  October 10–November 28

Jesus came promising abundant life. And yet, if we are to experience that full, free life Jesus intended for us, we first need to cultivate a healthy soul! If you’re longing to experience freedom, you want to learn to walk in your true Kingdom identity, or you want to grow in your relationship with God, then Soul Care is for you! 

Join us for an 8-week journey as we learn what it is to surrender our baggage to Jesus, and embrace the Kingdom life He’s always wanted us to live!



$21 for the Soul Care book by Dr. Rob Reimer. Purchase when you register (select the optional add-on) or in person on the first night. If you have the book already, there is no cost to register.



Registration is required before Wednesday, October 3. Click here to register.



For all questions, please contact Kim at the church office. 


  • Soul Care by Dr. Rob Reimer
  • A Soul Care Study Guide by Pastor Nathan


What to Expect

Large group facilitators are Matt & Lavina Palsky, Pastor Nathan, and Sandra Kliewer.

Each night will be broken into two parts:

  1. Introduction to the evening; brief overview of theme, announcements, etc. Watch the Soul Care DVD teaching by Dr. Rob Reimer. 
  2. Break off into groups of men and women for deeper discussion.



Week 1—Introduction to Soul Care
Week 2—Soul Care Principle #1: Identity
​Week 3—Soul Care Principle #2: Repentance
​Week 4—Soul Care Principle #3: Overcoming Family Sin Patterns
​Week 5—Soul Care Principle #4: Forgiveness
​Week 6—Soul Care Principle #5: Healing Wounds
​Week 7—Soul Care Principle #6: Overcoming Fears
​Week 8—Soul Care Principle #7: Deliverance


October 10, 7:00pm - 9:00pm



Upcoming occurrences

  • October 10, 7:00pm
  • October 17, 7:00pm
  • October 24, 7:00pm
  • October 31, 7:00pm
  • November 7, 7:00pm
  • November 14, 7:00pm
  • November 21, 7:00pm
  • November 28, 7:00pm