As a church, we have one distinct statement that defines why we exist: RELEASING THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH. This statement gives us our vision and direction, and invites us into something greater than ourselves. You and I have been called by God to be His active Kingdom agents here on earth as we participate with Him to see the lost found, the broken healed, and captives and prisoners set free.

We are committed to Releasing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as we...



Encountering the presence of God is our greatest privilege and our highest priority. Worship establishes our intimacy with God and His Kingdom. We call people to full-life engagement with His presence through worship, community, prayer, Scriptural teaching, and responding to Jesus.



The Kingdom of Heaven calls us into a life-long dynamic discipleship experience in which we discover our Kingdom identity, claim our heavenly authority, walk in our Spirit-anointing, and fulfill our God-designed destiny. We do this by growing in intimacy with Jesus through a life of continuous renewal in and through the Holy Spirit and the Word, so that we can do the works Jesus calls us to do.



The Kingdom life is best experienced in true, authentic community in which we connect, care, and commit to one another as we release the Kingdom of Heaven through our lives. Therefore, we invite people to embrace relationships in our church through groups and experiences that express community in creative ways. This makes us stronger.



God is reaching the world through us. We are called to advance the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, carrying His presence and proclaiming His message. We are all about setting captives free through Jesus. To do this, we discover our God-ordained destiny and express our Spirit-given gifts and abilities so that we may reach out to a lost and broken world. We are on mission everywhere, to everyone, all the time.


Our eight values are our deeply held core-convictions about the way we will fulfill our vision. We believe our values bring out the best in us. They guide our priorities as a church, and they inspire and motivate us, calling us to full and total engagement. Our values are:

AUTHENTICITY: We wear our own cologne... we will be who God is calling us to be, and nothing less.

BOLDNESS: We let the fire burn... we will be passionate, courageous, and take risks in faith.

CREATIVITY: We unleash our imaginations... we will express our God-given creativity through art and beauty.

EXCELLENCE: We give it our all... we will honor God fervently.

GENEROSITY: We don’t hold back... we will bless others with what God has given us.

PRAYER: We dress for battle... we will be a people who pray and call upon God.

WORD & SPIRIT: We are moved by God's voice and presence... we will hold high the Scriptures and lean upon God's Spirit.

OTHERS: It's not just about you... we will focus on both those who are here and those who are not.