Our church is a city within a city. We know it is God who planted us here in Airdrie, a community whose name means “The King’s Heights” or “High Places of the King.” We believe that the new name God has given us better expresses our heart and vision, and more fully releases us to live into our destiny as a church, a people, and a place where God is King and we are making His Kingdom known. 

One of the great affirming moments for the Sub Committee was when they saw the frequency of the words “Kingdom” and “City” in suggestions received from the congregation. About one year ago we revealed our new purpose of Releasing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth—and what better way to live into our Kingdom role than by being a Kingdom City. We are a City “set on a hill” (Matthew 5:14-16). We are a City that will proclaim His Kingship to our community, this region, and the world. We are a City that will reach families, kids, youth, and adults of all ages with the freedom and fullness found only in Jesus. We are Kingdom City! View PDF



The new name will come into effect on Sunday, September 30. Until then, we will continue to use Airdrie Alliance Church for all materials, promotions, banking-related matters, etc.


The following was shared with the congregation on Sunday, February 11, 2018:

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An update from the Sub Committee, shared with the congregation on Sunday, March 25, 2018:

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The congregation prayer on Sunday, June 3, 2018:

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Well, actually a lot... 

In an article in Relevant Magazine, Pastor Dharius Daniels wrote: “I wish I’d known how much the name of the church matters. Some people will make assumptions about the church and decide whether to visit based on the name alone.”

We want our name to encourage people to come and encounter God’s presence here. We want our name to express our vision. We want our name to be invitational to people beyond our own city. So it’s time to make a change.

This decision has been a long time coming, with the process starting with prayer ten years ago. Over the last four years, every Elders’ Board has continued to seek God’s timing for this. We have shared this direction at our Annual General Meeting with our Members and congregation as we’ve waited for God’s timing. In November of this past year, the Elders voted unanimously to proceed with this endeavour, believing that the time has come to seek a new name from God.



  • God has been at work in us and changing us as a church. We believe that He has a new name for us!
  • To express and reflect our heart and vision—who we are, where we are going, and what God has called us to do.
  • To remove geographical limitations associated with our name. We want to be inviting and accessible to people in the whole region, not just Airdrie.
  • To position our church to be a major growing church with impact in this region.
  • To remove the clutter of previous names associated with distinct campuses and services.
  • To be applicable to other local, regional, or global locations if and when we start other campuses or church plants.



As a church, we have one distinct statement that defines why we exist: Releasing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

This statement gives us our vision and direction, and invites us into something greater than ourselves. You and I have been called by God to be His active Kingdom agents here on earth as we participate with Him to see the lost found, the broken healed, and captives and prisoners set free.

Our prayer is that God will reveal a name that reflects the vision He has already given us.

How Can I Be Involved?
  1. The number one way is to pray for God’s guidance and hand on the process from start to finish!
  2. Secondly, give us your ideas! Submit your name suggestions in the form below. (scroll down)

Please note: the Sub Committee will be provided with all name suggestions, but not the names of the people submitting them. All name suggestions will be kept anonymous during the review process.

What is the Process?
  1. God already knows what our name should be! So, first and foremost: we will pray, seek God, and wait on Him as a congregation through the whole process.
  2. This process will be guided by a Sub Committee made up of representation from: the Membership (Phil Harms), the Board (Jesse Loewen), the Lead Team (Nick Kadun), the Executive Team (Mary Olinyk), and the Lead Pastor (Sandy Isfeld).
  3. Our Membership and Congregation will be able to provide input by suggesting names for consideration.
  4. Consultation and input on our process will be received from our Alliance District Leadership and their legal counsel.
  5. The Elders will vote on the name recommended by the Sub Committee (from input received).
  6. We anticipate this process will take several months. Provided God reveals a new name to us, our hope is that we will be able to share the new name in June.
  7. There will be a full implementation process for branding and communication of the new name.
  8. A wider celebration of the new name will happen in Fall 2018.
What Criteria Will Be Used?

We have prayerfully come up with the following criteria to help us determine a new name:

  • Must inspire and help express our vision
  • Not reference a geographical location
  • Be one or two words (ideally), three at most
  • Does not need to express the title of our denomination 
  • Not be trendy, but must last 25-50 years without becoming dated
  • Have the next generations in mind, yet have meaning to every generation
  • The web domain must be available

Q: What does our Alliance District think of this?
A: Our District Leadership have been fully informed, and have met with us to give their affirmation and blessing to proceed.

Q: Does removing "Alliance" from our name mean we are leaving the Alliance denomination?
A: No. We are vitally committed to remain in our denominational family. We will continue to embrace its Statement of Faith and Local Church Constitution as a fully-participating member church of this society (C&MA).

Q: Will this change our beliefs or doctrine?
A: No. We continue to embrace our Alliance Statement of Faith and our denominational distinctives of: Christ our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King.

Q: Will the AAC Membership need to vote on this?
A: No. In the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada this matter falls under the jurisdiction of the local Elders’ Board as the authoritative governing body, in cooperation with the District Leadership. The Membership is represented in our policy through the elected Board of Elders.

Q: Can I submit more than one name?
A: Yes. The Sub Committee is going to be praying over every name that is submitted, no matter how many they receive.


If you would like a physical brochure of this information they are available in the church foyer, or you can contact the church office (reception@airdriealliance.com) or ask a Pastor.

A digital copy is also available for download:

SeekingGodForHisNameForUs.PDF (Digital Brochure)

The Name Submission form is now closed. Thank-you to all who joined us in seeking God for His name for us, and to all who submitted name suggestions.